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About Wheel Smart Alloys

Wheel Smart Alloys offers you over 20 years experience in alloy wheel and bumper repairs.
For your convenience our mobile specialist will deliver our services to you at your home or place of work.

We offer a full range of competitively priced services and all of our repairs are guaranteed.

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Wheel Smart Alloys Bromsgrove

Cracked Alloy Welding

Wheel welding involves heating the damaged part of the wheel in order to apply the weld and repair it. Where appropriate, damaged areas may have to be cut and shaped to receive welding.

Wheel Smart Alloys Bromsgrove

Wheel Straightening Services

Bent or out of shape wheels cause vibrations that can damage your vehicle's steering, suspension system and tyres. We have the solution! Get in touch to find out more.

Wheel Smart Alloys Bromsgrove

Alloy Wheel Repair

Whether your wheels are scratched, deeply gashed or badly curbed all of our work is carried out to a high, professional standard; ensuring a durable, guaranteed finish.

Wheel Smart Alloys Bromsgrove

Diamond Cutting

For that showroom finish diamond cut alloy wheels are re-cut and re-lacquered.

Wheel Smart Alloys Bromsgrove

Powder Coating & Colour Change

This is a chemical strip and shot blast powder coat process, generally carried out on heavily corroded or flaking alloys. Bespoke colours can be sprayed or powder coated where applicable.

Wheel Smart Alloys Bromsgrove

Bumper Scruffs/Cracks/Splits

Using the latest paint technology and finest products, we pride ourselves on a fantastic, high-gloss hardened finish every time. Bumpers are plastic welded to reinforce and strengthened, repaired and painted.

Wheel Smart Alloys Bromsgrove

Shot Blasting

Give our new shot blasting service a try! A quick alternative to our power coating service for corroded wheels when combined with a paint. We can also provide shot blasting for bike parts and misc small parts..

Wheel Smart Alloys Bromsgrove

Alloy Wheel Protection

Alloy sealant is a silica-based coating that protects and enhances the appearance of painted wheels. A glass-like coating provides protection against brake dust and road salt and lasts upwards of 12 months.

We recommend that your wheels are re-balanced following refurbishment and can offer you this service for £5.00 per wheel

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Powder Coating Starting from


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